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Spotlight on Rewah Paint

Spotlight on Rewah Paint

As a painter or retailer, you will probably know this already… So that everyone can benefit from its innovations, Rewah has pulled out all the stops and spared no expense in order to place its products, systems and tools under the spotlight. In addition, we have placed the painter, who carries out the actual work, rather than the client, at the heart of our strategy.

This can be seen in the article published in the August-November edition of "Homesweethome" magazine. We have attracted interest from clients, but still rely on painters to complete all the work!

The November 2012 edition of the "Décoration" professional magazine for painters and interior decorators also devoted lots of space to us. We made our mark in the magazine, by presenting an exterior system that does not require a base coat, though a fixing layer may be needed if the surface becomes powdery. Once again, our no-nonsense label makes it clear that this is a product for professionals! In the meantime, we already have many satisfied Tensiocoat TQ users and the number of impressive references goes on increasing every year!

PMG’s professional "Entrepreneur", "Architecte" et "Décoration" websites have featured our "Rewah Paint System Navigator" on their pages and frequently mention us in their associated magazines.

Information on this tool has also been published in the professional magazines "Renocripto" and "Paint, Stuc & Covering News". In the meantime, the large number of visitors to the website shows how successful it has been. 

Finally, we have recently been paying special attention to architects, in order to promote our products and systems not only to them, but also to distributors like you, as well as a selection of loyal and skilled Rewah Paint users.


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