Manufacturer since 1985

Concrete reparation

Concrete can be repared in different ways, depending on its application. Mineral mortars will bbe used for reparing visible concrete, whereas epoxy mortars are indicated for concrete floors supporting heavy loads.


Roof renovation

The Rewah roof coatings are amongst the best on the market. For decades, they have been used, after demossing, to give roofs a new look. We offer solutions for flat roofs, pitched roofs, and metal roofs. Also for the restoration of the roof construction itself, we can offer you high quality products.


Facade restoration

Facade restoration is a complete craft, one where Rewah has been assisting the specialised contractor for 35 years. From the cleaning, repair and protecion of the building: we have it all.



Road works, industrial building, dock work, railways… For these applications Rewag also has a high end product range. Aside from the famous KrampeHarex steel fibres, the grouts and curings compounds are a true reference on the market.



Grown from the restoration of monuments, the Rewah paint division is taking an important position, offering top quality, user friendly and sustainability as its most important features. The interior as well as the exterior paints comply with the highest requirements. The distemper paints have been market leads for decades.



Tools and equipments

The diagnose of the cause of damage along with the rate of salts and moisture is crucial. Rewah offers a range of measurement tools in order to do this. For the application of some of our products, special pumps of guns might me necessary. Also, before painting, you may need color charts for your project.



About 35% of construction problems are related to humidity. This problem must not be underestimated; Rewah is the expert and can offer solutions against rising damp, salt, and moist cellars.

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