Manufacturer since 1985


As specialist for waterproofing products, Rewah is often called upon for specific projects. After a deep analysis, moisture and salt tests, Rewah has provided the products for de execution of these works.


Roof renovation

Roof renovation and restauration asks for a specific approach. Rewah offers solutions for every situation. Discover the beautif projects that bare Rewah products.



Road works, industrial building, dock work, railways… For these applications Rewag also has a high end product range. Aside from the famous KrampeHarex steel fibres, the grouts and curings compounds are a true reference on the market.



Professional painters, contractors and architects often rely on Rewah when in need of interior or exterior paint. Our tecnical experts come to your work place, and search for the best solution for the customer.


Facade restoration

The name Rewah is inevitably connected to facade restauration. Discover the magnificent projects we had the honour to participate as manufacturer and provider.

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