Conservation of monuments

Natural stone, painted walls, frescos, statues, ancient masonry… All these materials need special care when cleaning, restoring and repairing. Rewah offers solutions that respect these fragile materials and that, while using the correct techniques, keep the authenticity of our monumental heritage.

For a part of this product range, Rewah can submit test reports and certificates of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (IRPA/KIK), for products that comply with the strict restoration norms.

Conservation of monuments

Facade restoration

It would be unthinkable to use acid cleansers or products that would damage the authentic materials of monuments such as lime based or natural stone. Rewah offers a range of soft cleaning products and treatments for monumental facades.

Also for the repair of facade elements it is important to work truhtfully. That is why Rewah developped a product range for natural stone repair, that imitates to perfection the original materials. This to restore the glory of an ancient building.

Restoration of monumental facades
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