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Eco friendly

Rewah also wants to participate in the well being of our planet. That is why we are always on the look for eco friendly products.


Conservation of monuments

Natural stone, painted walls, frescos, statues, ancient masonry… All these materials need special care when cleaning, restoring and repairing. Rewah offers solutions that respect these fragile materials and that, while using the correct techniques, keep the authenticity of our monumental heritage.

For a part of this product range, Rewah can submit test reports and certificates of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (IRPA/KIK), for products that comply with the strict restoration norms.

Religious heritage

In order to restore and protect churches, cathedrals or a beguinage for the next decades, we can propose a specific range of products. This gives particular attention to vapour permeability, reversibility and authenticity. With respect for the history of the building, it will be protected for the next decades.

Salt problems

Salt damage can occur when efflorescent salts such as sulphates begin to crysallize. On the wll this gives white crystals and this crysallisation can tear the plasterwork behind the top coat. Hygroscopic salts such as nitrates have the quality to extract the humidity from the air and cause ugly permanent stains.

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