Salt problems

Befone injecting, se advise to test the wall for the presents of harmful salts such as sulphates, nitrates and chlorides. In this way, a anti-salt treatment can be executed right after the waterproofing.

Injection against rising damp blocks the vehicle of the salts, i.e. water, but will not prevent the already present salts to cause damage.

For the finishing of the walls, you can choose to block the salts with a membrane such as Membrasec or Membrascreen, or you can choose to work with a vapour permeable natural nydraulic lime plaster. In this case, we talk about the salt buffering plaster Calisan NHL, a 2-in-1 system, especially developpend for salt problems in historic buildings. Calisan NHL also has insulating and anti-condensation quualities.

You don’t want to apply a finishing, but you still want to get rid of the annoying salts? It is possible ! Rewah has developped the Saltpull poultice that extracts salts from the wall !

Salt problems
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