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1. Invoices

All our invoices must be paid to our head office and without any deductions to our account, the number of which is indicated on the invoice. The issue of instruments or granting of terms of payment shall not lead to novation. Authorised instruments continue to bear interest   and include surcharge clauses, in accordance with Art. 5. Default on the payment of an invoice or instrument shall render all previously issued invoices and instruments immediately payable. Formal notice shall result in actual default on payment after the due date. All additional costs and costs arising from instruments shall be borne by the debtor. Our agents are not entitled to collect payments.

2. Liability

If liability is covered by the liability insurance taken out by Rewah, liability is limited to the amounts listed in the relevant policy. If liability is not covered by this liability insurance, liability will be limited to the cost of the supplied goods. Liability is excluded in the event of  indirect damage.

3. Cancellation

In the event of cancellation, lump sum compensation of 30 % of the cancelled part is required, unless proof of more extensive damage exists.

4. Complaints

On pain of being deemed null and void, all complaints must be sent by registered mail within 8 days of the invoice being received.

5. Payment

Invoices are payable in cash within 30 days of the invoice date. Transfer of ownership shall only take place after payment in full. In the event of delayed payment, default interest of 10 % shall be payable ipso jure and without formal notice, together with lump sum  compensation of 10 % of the amount owed, subject to the minimum sum of 65 EUR. This shall also apply to dealers, without prejudice to the creditor’s option to make payment, as defined in the Law of 2 August 2002 on the combatting of delayed payment within business transactions.

6. Default on payment

In the event of default on payment or delayed payment of an invoice, all other unpaid sums shall become payable at the same time, in principal and including related charges, and all services may be withdrawn or suspended, according to our discretion, including work in progress, without prior warning or formal notice.

7. Prices

a. We shall not be held liable, at any time, for any information that we provide concerning prices and terms, which is always and exclusively approximate and indicative.
b. Our prices and terms may be adjusted at any time and on a daily basis, in response to changes to the prices and terms provided by suppliers.

8. Orders

a. Orders are only definitively accepted, either by written confirmation or tacitely, as soon as we begin execute them.
b. Any discrepancies in relation to orders or our indications shall not justify or give rise to compensation or interest, or any suspension or cancellation of the order.

9. Deliveries

All deliveries are conducted from our depot and goods are transported at the cost and risk of the recipient, who only has recourse to the carrier, with the exception of Rewah. Returns will only be accepted subject to prior agreement and for complete units that have not been handled, subject to our written agreement. However, the risk is transferred as soon as the goods leave our depots.

10. Delivered goods

Any materials supplied remain the property of the seller until they have been paid for in full. In the event of delayed payment, the seller is entitled to recover any goods supplied. If the buyer should become bankrupt, this shall not prejudice his right of complaint; the parties declare that they agree to consider this provision to be a written clause, as required by Art. 101 of the law on bankruptcy.

11. Conditions

These conditions shall prevail over those of the customer or his order. They shall also apply both for non-dealers and dealers.

12. Disputes

Any dispute arising from this transaction shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the District of Antwerp, which shall judge according to Belgian law, regardless of the nature of the dispute.

13. Content terms of sale

In event of any differences between the English, French and Dutch versions of these general terms of sale, the Dutch version shall be solely authoritative.

14. Privacy

Processing personal data. If personal data are processed in the context of the cooperation between Rewah and its customer of supplier, this will be done in line with the applicable GDPR legislation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679). The way in which Rewah deals with personal data as a Controller is described in its Privacy Statement which can be found on However, if Rewah is the Processor of the personal data and its customer or supplier is the Controller, the Controller will bear full responsibility for compliance with the obligations imposed y
the GDPR legislation. Rewah will always offer the Controller all reasonable cooperation to meet these obligations.

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