Manufacturer since 1985

Rewah celebrates its birthday !

Rewah gets to blow out 35 candles this year. The company was founded in 1985 and has grown steadily since then. Let’s take a little trip back in time.


The year it all started. The company Rewah was born, the name referring to the Dutch words for Restoration, Waterproofing and Additives (Restauratie, Waterdichting and Hulpstoffen). At that time it was still a small company that shared the buildings with two other companies. Rewah owned her own fleet of trucks and exported its goods to Europe.

The acquisition of Indureg Chemicals introduced coatings into our product range.

Rewah acquires Artikon and with it the famous Monulit, as well as the epoxies. It’s immediately a major leap forward for Rewah. Only two companies now use the buildings.

The first renovations begin in this year. New machines are bought, installed and put into operation.

Rewah expands its international operations across the European borders and exports to Asia. The company is literally growing and is ready to use the whole building. Rewah bids farewell to its housemate for good. This also means new plans and the start of a second renovation.

Pagel’s mortars and KrampeHarex’s steel fibres make their appearance in the product range thanks to the acquisition of Coprobel. Rewah is now a truly major player in the industrial and construction sectors.

The year of Tensiocoat. This paint is still present in our product range and remains an absolute bestseller to this day. This product occupies a special place in our selection, and new colors are still being developed every day.

The year we introduced the dealerships to our Paint products. Now we play with the big boys. Our products can now be found next to the big brands.

Another great year for our product range: our lime products have arrived! The Kalei Liscio 2 and the Kalkverf Calciana have been doing very well for more than ten years, and have earned their place in the world of paints and monument restoration.

Ardocolor 2 is born. This roof coating is famous as far as Scandinavia, where it is very successful together with Indurust!

Four years later, production continues to increase and Rewah invests in new and larger production machines.

Rewah is bursting at the seams and the company, although occupying the entire building, needs to expand yet again. Work on a big new warehouse starts in 2017.

The new warehouse is put into operation, increasing Rewah’s surface area by 50%. This also allows for the expansion and optimization of production.

Rewah has been in existence for 35 years and is a well-known name in the world of restoration, industry and paints. Our team currently consists of about 30 employees who work in the laboratory, production and warehouse, administration and sales departments. Furthermore, Rewah is represented worldwide by local agents.

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